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Customised Practical Tiling Test for HDB Residential Projects

Course Overview

Test Requirements

Test LevelWrittenPractical
Validation TestNA
  • 4 Hrs Installation
  • Candidates are required to understand the project drawing and install the tiles for the test project (wall & floor tiles) using hydrated lime powder & plaster sand (recyclable);
  • Candidates should be able to install the tiles in safe working manner, correct approach to work, correct preparation of slurry mix/substrate, install the tiles within dimension tolerances, plumb, levelling, surface evenness, squareness, joints alignment and flatness of tiles, proper adhesion to bedding, neatly done grouting, cutting edges, and trimmings etc. ;
  • Project to be completed within 4 hrs;
  • Candidates will fail the entire test project if the floor tiles are laid in the wrong gradient or not laid evenly towards the floor trap.

Scope of Training/Assessment

Test LevelWrittenPractical
Validation TestNA
  • 1 day (8.30am-5.30pm)
  • Trainees will be briefed on BCA Assessment Criteria for Test Project;
  • Trainer will provide detailed explanation on how to prepare the mortar mix using hydrated lime powder & plaster sand, how to set-out the tiles in accordance to test project, how to control squareness, consistency in tile alignment & tile joints, surface flatness, gradient on floor, treatment to tile edges, control of adhesive bedding in tile laying, etc. ;
  • Trainees will practice on the sample practical project in accordance to what have been taught by the trainer to meet the project requirements, with close guidance from trainer in the course of their practices;
  • Trainees will practice and hands on the sample practical projects in accordance to what have been taught by the trainers, with close guidance from trainers in the course of their practices;
  • At the end of training, trainees should be able to understand and set out the wall and floor tiles in accordance to project drawing, and lay the tiles in safe working manner, and in accordance to test requirements, within the test duration of 4 hrs.
  • Candidates will be advised to take up additional practical trainings prior to the test to ensure that they are able to acquire the required skills and speed to complete the test project.


  • Candidates passed the practical test project will be issued with “Validation Test” Certificate by BCA