Course Overview

Test Requirements
Test Level Written Practical
  • 1 Hr
  • Passed 25 MCQ on trade Syllabus
  • 4 Hrs Installation
  • Candidates are required to perform plastering to the wall and coping as indicated in the test drawing;
  • Plastering sand with hydrated-lime powder mix will be used as the plastering materials;
  • Internal and External PVC beading shall be used at all edges as indicated in the test drawing;
  • The final plaster surface shall be wood trowel finished, with the plastering thickness of 8 to 20 mm;
  • Skim coating finished shall be at specific location as indicated in the test drawing;
  • Test Project to be completed within 4 hrs;
  • The test project will be evaluated based on the various assessment criteria set out for the plastering work.
Scope of Training/Assessment
Test Level Written Practical
  • 6 hrs (2 evenings 5.30- 30pm)
  • General knowledge of plastering;
  • Application of plaster
  • Drawing interpretation and material estimation;
  • Safety;
  • Sample Written Test & review;
  • 1 day (8.30am-5.30pm)
  • Trainees will be briefed on BCA Assessment Criteria for Test Project;
  • Trainer will provide detailed explanation on how to prepare the mortar mix using hydrated lime powder & plaster sand, how to carry out the plastering works in proper sequence, setting out of the internal and external corner beads, ;
  • Trainees will practice on the sample practical project to master the skills in controlling the plastering quality to meet test assessment criteria;
  • Candidates to maintain cleanliness of workplace during test, observing safety and workshop rules and proper use of tools;
  • The completed test project is to meet specific dimensional tolerances in term of project dimensions, plumbness, squareness, surface evenness etc..
  • Visually, the finished surface shall also be clean without steel trowel tracks, angle tools track, sand-hole and blistering. Groove lines should be straight and smooth;
  • At the end of training, trainees should be able to acquire the skills for plastering control to meet test requirements, within the test duration of 4 hrs.
  • Candidates will be advised to take up more practical trainings prior to the test to ensure that they are able to acquire the required skills and speed to complete the test project.
  • suitable for workers with prior experience in masonry works;
  • workers without prior hands-on experience in plastering works may need to take up additional practical classes to acquire the necessary skills in plastering works;
  • candidates must passed both written and practical test to obtain SEC(K) qualification;
  • candidates taking SVT will only need to pass practical test.

Course Administrative Details

Course Duration
  • THEORY: 6 Hrs
  • PRACTICAL: 8 Hrs
Total Fees: $952.66 (Inclusive GST)


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