Skilled Craftsman in Reinforced Concrete Works (SCRC) Test

Course Overview


As part of LTA’s productivity initiatives, LTA has stipulated requirements to deploy Skilled Craftsman for Reinforced Concrete Works (SCRC) in all rail contracts such that more than
10% of the workforce are to be SCRCs.

SCRC workers are deemed to be skilled in reinforced concrete works (supervising & hands-on in both re-bar and formwork installations) and possess good knowledge in reinforced
concrete works. No training will be provided to these workers. The workers will be subjected to a 3-days test process to assess their competency to be qualified as a SCRC worker.

Prerequisite for SCRC Test

  • Possess relevant working experience of at least 10 years;
  • Be knowledgeable and skilful in Reinforced Concrete trades;
  • Be able to plan and organize works independently and efficiently;
  • Possess skills proficiency and exhibit productivity levels higher than the R1 workers involved in similar reinforced concrete works;
  • Submit application (through main contractor) and obtained Letter of Approval from LTA to sit for SCRC Test.

Test Process

Test Level Written Practical
Validation Test
  • 1st Day
  • 1 Hr
  • 25 MCQ on Reinforced Concrete Work
  • 45 mins
  • Technical interview (verbal)
  • Safety awareness Test (5 short answer)
  • 2nd & 3rd Day
  • 16 Hrs Installation
  • 6 candidates will work as a team to complete the test project selected by the testers (LTA + BCA), from a total of 4 different projects;
  • Candidates to demonstrate leadership and skills to plan and complete the test projects in accordance to the test drawings and the materials allocated, within the stipulated 16 hrs.
  • Test project will be assessed progressively by LTA & BCA Assessors.