Gas Pipefitting

Course Overview

Test Requirements
Test Level Written Practical
  • 1 Hr
  • Passed 25 MCQ on trade Syllabus
  • 4 hrs test duration;
  • Candidates will be tested on “Live gas” ductile pipe tee-off connection, Tapping Tee by using Electrofusion saddle, Provision of “Live gas” to the customer in accordance with safe and proper procedures (purging process);
  • Candidate will be assisted by another candidate from the next session in certain manual jobs and in the purging process;
  • Candidates to complete the test projects in safe working manners and in accordance to correct procedure and project dimensions for the installation works, correct tee-off & by-pass, gas bag installation procedures, no leakage at joints (Immediate failure if burst/outflow of gas around connecting pipes after completion), understand the purging process and operation (oral test), drilling/tapping of PE pipe, electrofusion of PE pipe (procedure only, no welding required);
  • Candidate will fail the entire test if any serious unsafe act or unacceptable mistake is made resulting in a gas leak
Scope of Training/Assessment
Test Level Written Practical
  • 6 hrs (2 evenings 5.30-8.30pm)
  • General knowledge of Town Gas, Distribution and Fittings;
  • Good practices in Pipefitting;
  • “Live” Gas Connection;
  • General Safety;
  • 1 day (8.30am-5.30pm)
  • Trainees will be briefed on BCA Assessment Criteria for Test Project;
  • “Live gas” will be simulated using air compressor, nitrogen will be used as inert gas in the purging process;
  • Trainers will provide detailed explanation on how to carry out different parts of the test projects in accordance to test requirements, following the safe work procedure in each parts of the test project etc.;
  • Trainees will practice and hands on the sample practical projects in accordance to what have been taught by the trainers, with close guidance from trainers in the course of their practices;
  • At the end of training, trainees should be able to understand and acquire the necessary skills carry out each parts of the test project in safe working manner, and in accordance to test requirements.
  • Candidates will be advised to take up more practical trainings prior to the test if they are still not so familiar with the installation works after the practices.
    • suitable for workers from different disciplines;
    • Must passed both written and practical test to be qualified as CoreTrade personnel (Foreman/ Tradesman).
    • Must passed both written and practical test to be qualified in SEC(K)

Course Administrative Details

Course Duration
  • THEORY: 6 Hrs
  • PRACTICAL: 8 Hrs
Total Fees: $1,252.41 (Inclusive GST)